How Succulents Help To Reduce Your Anxiety And Stress Levels

We all know that plants have an uncanny ability to help improve our concentration and productivity but did you know that on top of this succulents are great at calming the mind which can help to reduce our levels of anxiety and stress? Not only are succulents the most popular plants for doing this but they’re also the best. Read on to find out why…

Do succulents help with anxiety and stress? There’s no doubt that succulents help to lower our anxiety and stress levels. They do this, in part by cleaning and purifying the air we breathe but they also bring color into our homes and give us a sense of being outside which has been proving to improve our mood.

Can succulents help to reduce anxiety and stress?

Succulents are little miracles really when you think about it. Not only do they help to brighten up the home but they also work tirelessly to improve our lives in so many different ways, not least by improving our moods and reducing our levels of anxiety and stress. 

I know you probably think I’m biased, and you’d be right (after all I created this site because I love these amazing plants), but in this instance, at least my biased towards succulents is well founded. Recent studies have found that plants in general (and succulents in particular) can help to improve our mood, calm our minds, and can be of help to people suffering from anxiety, stress, and even mild depression.

One study, published by the  Journal of Physiological Anthropology, found that actively interacting with indoor plants (activities such as planting, touching, smelling, and even just looking at them) reduced both psychological and physiological stress in young adults. [source]

Another study, this time carried out by Kansas State University, found that patients who had plants in their rooms had lower blood pressure and heart rates and also experienced less anxiety, therefore enabling them to recover from their operations much quicker. [source]

Succulents can improve concentration as well as reduce stress and anxiety

How do succulents help with anxiety and stress?

We’re always being told we need to spend more time outside and that it can help with our mental well-being but with our business lives, this isn’t always possible, especially during the recent COVID pandemic. The trouble with spending so much time inside though is that, contrary to popular belief, the air inside our homes isn’t as clean as we think. Enclosed rooms and poor ventilation lead to an unbalanced and unhealthy blend of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. This ‘bad’ and unbalanced air can make us feel more anxious and increase our stress levels.

This is why bringing a succulent or two into your home is such a good thing. As well as helping to boost your mood they’ll also enable you to breathe in the fresh air, but the really amazing thing is how they do this.

Unlike most other plants that only photosynthesis during daylight hours, succulents do this 24/7 which means they’re always absorbing volatile compounds such as carbon dioxide, cleaning them, and then turning them into fresh oxygen. You might be wondering how this helps with anxiety and stress but by breathing in more oxygen you’re improving your oxygen levels which allows for an increase in the production of serotonin, the hormone that works to balance your mood.

Can repotting a succulent help with anxiety and stress?

This might sound like a really strange question to ask but when you realize that it can (and why it does) you’ll realize it’s not such as daft question after all. Okay so you’re probably thinking the answer is yes, repotting succulents can help with your mental wellbeing, and you’d be right, but how do they do it?

To put it simply potting soil (more than normal soil) contains a large number of microbes that help the plants to grow and get the nutrients they need but these microbes also work as powerful natural antidepressants. They do this by releasing proteins known as cytokines which trick our brains into producing more serotonin which boosts our mood.

What are the best succulents for reducing anxiety and stress?

All succulents are great at reducing your anxiety and stress levels but three of the best are:

Snake plant

The snake plant can help yo reduce stress and anxiety

Sometimes referred to as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, these hardy little plants come recommended by NASA. They have incredible air filtering properties that mean you’ll always be breathing in clean fresh air. They work well in any room in the house but I’ve found they’re most effective in the bedroom (where they help with sleep) and the office (where they can increase your concentration levels). 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is amazing at boosting your mood and reducing stress and anxiety

If you’ve never heard of succulents before you will definitely have heard of Aloe vera, like the Snake plant it’s great for filtering the air but it also has a multitude of other medical benefits too. From helping to soothe insect bites, sunburn, eczema, and even minor burns. Many natural cosmetic products also contain aloe vera extract.

Jade plant

Jade plants absorb bad air and improve your mood

Okay so by now you know that all of these plants are great at absorbing bad air in giving your clean air in return but the Jade plants also have a number of other beneficial properties. As well as being antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory it’s also believed to bring happiness and love to the owner.

Other benefits of indoor succulents 

While there’s no denying that helping to improve our mental wellbeing by decreasing our anxiety and stress levels is an impressive thing in itself, the benefits of succulents don’t stop there. By cleaning and purifying our air, succulents also provide a number of other advantages such as:

  • Improving concentration 
  • Aiding better sleep
  • Increasing productivity 
  • Reducing mild depression
  • Calming our minds
  • Lowering blood pressure

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