9 Reasons Why You NEED To Have Succulents In Your Office

Offices can often be bland, boring places without any character but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you have a cubicle rather than a whole office, adding a succulent (or two) to the space can make a real difference. Not only will they help to add a splash of color and life to an otherwise sterile space, but they will also bring a range of other benefits too. 

In this article, we’ll look at just how beneficial they really are, and if your boss asks you to get rid of them you’ll be able to tell them why they actually help you work better.

1) Succulents are low maintenance

Offices are often extremely busy places and you don’t always want to be looking after a plant (even if you do have the time to do so) which is why succulents are such a great option. While succulents obviously can’t take care of themselves they are drought hardy which means they require very little water, and will actually do better if you underwater rather than overwater them.

As an added bonus, underwatering them means that the soil is rarely wet so there’s less chance of the plant rotting or becoming susceptible to a lot of bugs (although sadly not all bugs).

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2) Succulents improve the air quality

Did you know that having succulents in your office or workplace can actually improve the quality of the air? It’s true! Succulents are an excellent way of improving the air quality because, unlike a lot of other plants, they produce oxygen all of the time. On top of this, they also help to absorb a lot of harmful particles in the air.

I know that it might sound far-fetched to suggest that a plant can really improve the air you breathe but don’t take my word for it. Back in the late 1980s, NASA carried out a ‘clean air study’ to find out which plants had the best air purifying properties. Since then many succulents have been given the nickname ‘NASA-approved plants’.

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Succulents are great at purifying the air.

3) Succulents adapt to new climates easily

While succulents are generally native to hotter, drier climates they can easily adapt to most climates due to their ability to store water in their leaves. This means that they are just as happy in hot and dry environments as they are in wet and cold ones, just as long as you don’t overwater them.

No matter what the climate of your office or workplace is, most succulents will not only be happy there but will actually thrive.

4) Succulents bring the outdoors indoors

We’re always told how beneficial being with nature is to our physical and mental well-being although, with our busy lives, this isn’t always possible to be outside. The good news though is that with a succulent or two in your office or workplace you can bring the outdoors indoors.

The great thing about succulents is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so you’ll easily be able to find a little piece of nature that fits perfectly in your office, regardless of how much space you have.

Succulents allow you to bring the outdoors indoors.

5) Succulents have a humidifying effect

You’ll be hard pushed to find an office or workplace without air conditioning these days and while that can be a good thing when the sun is blazing or there’s a snow blizzard outside but it does also have its drawbacks which succulents are excellent at addressing.

As you’d expect air conditioning units dry the air out which can lead to an increase in sore throats and coughs as well as dry skin. Of course, we could just switch the air conditioning off but in an office, everybody would have to agree with that which is easier said than done. Instead, having a couple of succulents will actually help to balance out the humidity, replacing the ‘good’ vapor that these units remove. In fact, succulents are so good at this that they can reduce these ailments in an office environment by 60%. [source]

6) Succulents will reduce your stress

As well as adding a touch of color to brighten up an otherwise drab office succulents are also amazing at reducing your stress levels and reducing your anxiety. Know I know that might sound like a pretty outlandish statement but it’s something that has been backed up by scientific research!

Both the Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Kansas State University have carried out studies into how interacting with succulents improves our mental well-being. From improving the air we breathe to lowering our heart rates.  

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7) Succulents will improve your concentration and focus

I know we’ve already talked about the air-purifying benefits of succulents but another advantage of breathing in more and cleaner oxygen is that it can help you to concentrate more and focus better. The reason for this is that the cleaner oxygen allows your brain to work better and allows you to think clearer.

Succulents are great at improving your concentration, focus and productivity.

8) Succulents improve your productivity 

Along with improving your concentration, succulents will also help to improve your productivity, in part because you’re able to focus better but also because of the benefits they have on your memory retention.  

Even if your boss isn’t a fan of you having succulents scattered around the place they can’t argue with your increased productivity.

9) Succulents make the office look better

Okay so we’ve talked a lot about the health benefits of having succulents in your office or workplace but what about the aesthetic benefits? Even if you have a brightly colored office (and let’s be honest there aren’t many of those), adding a few living plants will make a big difference.

The good thing about succulents is that there’s such a wide range that you’re bound to find one that will suit your tastes. Whether you prefer flowering plants, spikey ones, or just like a diversity.

Succulents will brighten up any office.

The 5 best succulents for the office

While any greenery in the office is beneficial there are some succulents that are better (and more popular than others).

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is probably the most popular and well-known of all succulents, known for its healing properties its been used to treat burns, cuts, and other skin irritations. Aloe vera is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

2) Snake Plant

The snake plant is a succulent that is known for its ability to purify the air (in fact its one of the best NASA-approved plants). It absorbs harmful toxins from the air and converts them into oxygen which is why it’s one of the best plants for the office. The snake plant is also known for being drought-tolerant and extremely low-maintenance.

3) Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a succulent that is known for its ability to bring good luck, prosperity, and good fortune to its owners. This is one of the reasons why it’s often given as a gift to new businesses and homeowners. Like a lot of succulents, the Jade plant is also known for being easy to care for and for requiring little water.

4) Spider Plant

Spider plants are another type of succulent that are known for their ability to purify the air. Spider plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can help to improve air quality in any office. These plants are also easy to care for and make an attractive addition to any space.

5) Echeveria

A native of Mexico and Central America, the echeveria comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and is known for its beautiful flowers. Like a lot of other succulents, they’re also very easy to take care of and prefer to be underwater rather than overwatered.

Takehome message

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of having plants dotted around the place, there’s no denying just how beneficial having succulents around the office can be. From adding color and personality to an otherwise neutral office space to helping improve your productivity there’s no end to how they can improve and enrich our lives.

Even if you don’t believe that a succulent (or any plant for this matter) really can help, you can’t argue with the fact that they look nice and are pleasant to look at. And unlike other plants, they don’t need a huge amount of care either.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did I’d be grateful if you could share it please as it would really help me.

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