Why Succulents Make Such A Great Gift For Any Occasion

If you’re stuck on what to buy the person who has everything or are looking for an unusual (and more thoughtful) gift for someone special why not consider a succulent? While it might not be something you’ve thought about they do actually make the perfect give. Not only will they show that you care and that you’ve put thought into the present, but they’ll also last much longer than a bunch of flowers. Then of course there’s the joy and color they’ll bring to the recipient’s home.

Do succulents make good gifts? Whether you’re giving a succulent as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or even St. Valentine’s Day present they’ll show that you care and are thinking about the person. Succulents are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity so are also ideal as housewarming gifts or for those starting a new career.

Believe it or not but many people actually prefer to get succulents as gifts rather than other plants or even a bouquet of flowers, but there’s more to giving succulents as gifts than just this. They’re full of meaning and symbolism and add a splash of color and personality to any space.

Succulents make a unique and thoughtful gift

Why do succulents make such good gifts?

With around 73% of all Americans appreciating the gift of flowers* it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular gift but the problem with this though is that they don’t last (unless of course you buy dried flowers but this isn’t the same), which is just one of the reasons why succulents are so good. Not only do they live longer than a bunch of flowers but, with just a little bit of care, they’ll continue to grow and will carry on giving for years to come.

As well as their longevity succulents have a lot of health benefits too that shouldn’t be sniffed at, and while we’re on the subject of sniffing they’re also great for people who have allergies (something that you can’t say about flowers). Sorry, I couldn’t resist that! 

Anyway back to the health benefits of succulents, not only will they reduce the stress levels of the recipient but they’ll also clean the air, helping them to sleep better and suffer from fewer colds and coughs. And of course, it goes without saying that succulents, just like other plants, make people happy.

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Giving a living plant instead of cut flowers also makes for a memorable gift that people will remember every time they look at it.

On top of all of that succulents are extremely budget friendly and you’ll benefit from giving them too, unless of course, you’re in the 12% of Americans who DON’T enjoy giving flowers*.

* Source: Society of American Florists

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What’s the meaning and symbolism behind succulents?

Giving a succulent can be a sign of enduring love

Succulents aren’t just beautiful plants there’s also a lot of symbolism behind them and meaning to giving them as gifts, regardless of why they’re being gifted.

If you’re a fan of the Chinese art of Feng Shui then you’ll know that they can bring good fortune to the receiver and protect the home from negative energy and evil spirits. Similarly, in Japanese culture, they’re a symbol of enduring love, which is why they make such a great gift for St. Valentine’s Day.

A lot of Native American cultures also believe that succulents are a symbol of endurance and protection and can bring good luck and fortune to their owner. They also see them as a sign of maternal love so are ideal for Mother’s Day.

Whatever culture you look at there’s no doubt succulents are a symbol of love, fortune, prosperity, and growth so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your reason for giving. If that’s not a good enough reason though then they’re also good for the environment as they help to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide 24/7! And of course, they’ll be no wrapping paper to throw away either. 

What’s the best way of giving a succulent?

When it comes to creating the perfect succulent gift the options are almost unlimited, they make fantastic arrangements or living bouquets, are ideal in hanging planters or mini terrariums (these are especially good at Christmas time as they can hang on the tree). 

If none of these appeal then why not make a gift box? You can either buy a succulent online or from your local nursery and then add a few other small gifts (such as jewelry, candy, or a scented candle) to make a small hamper. If you like the idea of a gift box but don’t have the time to source everything yourself then why not check out Succulent Box, they have a great selection of ready-made gift boxes or you can make your own, and if you use the code COOLSUCCULENTSFORLIFE you’ll get 15% which means you can treat yourself to a succulent too ;).

What’s the best occasion for giving succulents?

Succulents are one of the most versatile plants that can be given for just about any occasion you can think of. Whether it’s for Christmas, as a wedding or anniversary gift, to celebrate a graduation or just to say thank you succulents are perfect. They ooze thoughtfulness and will be received with love.

Want to tell somebody special how much they mean to you, know somebody who’s off to college, looking for a special gift for a friend’s new home or a unique birthday present, succulents are great for that too!

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Okay so by now you can see that succulents make great gifts for just about any celebration but what about when you just want somebody to know you’re thinking about them or want to send your condolences? Surprisingly enough succulents can also be a good choice there, they’re thoughtful gestures that can be a sign of love when somebody is in distress. It shows the recipient you’re thinking of them but can also bring them comfort in their time of need (as well as peace in the long run).

And what about when somebody’s under the weather or recovering from an illness? Okay so by now you know I’m going to say that a succulent is a good choice but there’s actually scientific evidence to back this up. A study carried out by Kansas State University found that patients who had at least one plant in their room recovered a lot quicker than those that didn’t. [source]

Succulents make a perfect gift for any occasion

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