About Me

Hi, my name’s Anthony, and as you can probably tell I love succulents but let me tell you a bit more about why. When I was younger I was anything but green-thumbed and had an uncanny ability to kill everything! I admit that’s not the best start for somebody who loves succulents but it does get better I promise. When I left high school I was given a succulent for my dorm at college and expected that it would end up dead soon but this is where my love of these plants started. Being a typical student I didn’t always care for my little pot plant and would forget to water it for months on end. Anyway to cut a long story short when I graduated this plucky little plant was still going strong and had even had a few pups.

Since that time I’ve fallen in love with these plants, after all, if I can’t kill them then they’ve got to be good plants. Sadly though the original succulent (an echeveria) is no longer with us after the cat took a dislike to it but I’ve gone on to own and grow a wide range of different succulents. As you can imagine I’ve learned a lot in that time and am still learning to this day.